The best way to cut down stress from the heavy work schedule is to plan for a tour in an amazing place. While some of us just find it easy to decide the place to visit, some wants to make sure that the trip remains memorable. So, it requires plenty of research for choosing the perfect vacation spot. But this is really a tough job and many of us find it challenging. However, there are numbers of the best places to visit in the world and we are naming just 10 places here to help you in deciding the next vacation spot by narrowing down the options.



For many people, London is the best place in the world to visit because it is the place where a well blend of historical and modern day attraction is perfectly able to occupy for the whole day. The British Museum, Tower of London, Borough market and Portobello road are the best places to explore. According to the English Samuel Johnson, there is no such man who is willing to leave London and when a person is tired of London, he is definitely tired of life. Life in this big city is so invigorating that travelers tend to come back to this amazing place again and again.



Paris can offer you an unforgettable Disney World vacation if you traveling with kids. And so much more. The wonderful Eiffel tower of this magnetic city attracts travelers with its beauty all the time. Apart from the Eiffel tower the other interesting things with which the travelers fall in love in just moments are the quaint cafes, trendy shopping district, vibrant market, museum, centuries old churches, Neo classic design architecture, block of Rocco and the other charms.

New York City

Talking about the best places to visit in the world and if this name is not mentioned in the list, it will be really injustice to the New York City. Looking to explore the urban adventures? This City is the best option for that. Start with the central park and then catch the peruse SoHo's chic boutiques or Broadway show, enjoy the skyscrapers from the empire building, head towards the East village and Brooklyn to explore something more. It also lets you enjoy a vibrant culture.



Apart from the athletic talent this city has much more to offer to its travelers. It comprises of both the historic attraction and wild bizarre. Bunches of beach sides, churches, cathedral, the tree lined Las Ramblas, Barri Gotic, etc. are the popular places in this city that will keep you occupied all through the day.

San Francisco

San Francisco is an amazing place that will refresh your mind in just seconds with its charm and attractive places. The Golden Gate Bridge is the most attractive place in this city that conveys the city’s crowning architectural achievements. Also a visit to the Alcatraz is must by taking a ride in the cable cars. The funky boutiques, gourmet restaurants and laid back vibes are some of the charms that will make you pleased genuinely.


Washington D.C

Washington D.C is the most visited city in the US and travelers tend to come back to the city again and again as one tour is not just enough to explore the city perfectly. The white house, Smithsonian Museums, Lincoln memorial are the interesting places to visit here at free of cost. This city is described as the northern charm and southern efficient by John F. Kennedy. Also the high profile politicos and marbled monuments are some other attractions of the city.

Cape Town

This city is perfect for adventure loving people. First start your day in this south African city with climbing the table mount and then head towards the Clifton Beach for having a sunbathe in the khaki colored sand or else move to the Constantia Valley to tour the vineyards. A ring of mountains set it separated from other continent in Africa. The city Cape Town is standing as a glittering and capital juxtaposed with one of the most magnificent landscapes of the world.


Maui is considered as one of the best places to visit in the world. This is an exotic island where you will get chance to enjoy the striking beaches, Palatial resorts, lush terrain and more. If you want to have a taste of everything at a time such as the culture, impressive wildlife and fascinating history this is the right place for that. This island might not be as large as other big islands but this is not small also. So, plan a tour in this Maui Island to make your trip much more memorable.



If you are looking for a vacation destination that is full with islands, Bahamas is the best choice for that. Yes, numbers of islands are the beauty of this place. The best time to visit this place is in the summer or in the early fall. The hotel rates and airfare are affordable and very reasonable all through the year. So, even if you are short in budget, Bahamas can be a good choice for you.


This Canadian city that keeps on hosting many international sports events very frequently is another most interesting and one of the best places in the world to visit. Numbers of art galleries, outdoor activities, park, natural playground, urban adventure, etc. are some other things to enjoy here. The high end fashion boutiques, chic atmosphere, healthy eating, etc. have earned this city the name ‘Hollywood North’. So, you can decide a trip in this amazing city to explore all the beauty of this place.

Faroe Islands, Denmark

The quaint Danish archipelago which consists of 18 mesmerizing islands is Mother Nature’s way of delivering awe-inspiring beauty to people, so we think it's the best place in the world to visit. The remote islands promise soulful adventure and an absolute connection to nature. The remote location of the islands has no way affected the lifestyle of the people here. The island offers fine-dining and trendy fashion equally well to all its visitors.


Normandy, France

From the spectacular island monastery of Mont St. Michael to the pebbled beaches along its coast, Normandy offers beauty and adventure to the wander-lust souls. Explore the stunning landscapes of Camembert and discover the rich history of Normandy through its enchanting cities and towns. With the 2018 Tour de France launching from the striking Mont St. Michael and the region opening up to the Triannual Impressionist Festival, you will have a lot to look forward to when you visit Normandy this year.

Zion Park, Utah, USA

Utah’s diverse landscape offers snow covered peaks and sandy beaches to its visitors. No matter which part of the year you choose to visit, you will get enough chance for exploring the beauty of Zion Park. The stunning views offered by the Zion National Park make it one of the best places to visit in the world this year.

4. Puerto Princesa, Philippines

The virgin beaches of Puerto Princesa are beyond description. The spectacular beaches which lead to turquoise blue water are worth visiting. Explore tranquil swimming holes and enjoy the lip-smacking food in the region. You will find yourself creating memories of a lifetime as you soak yourself in the sun kissed beaches of Puerto Princesa.


Havana, Cuba

Cuba’s tourism is on the rise. Travellers who are looking for adventure will find the city’s capital to be an enticing place. Cuba has recently been a magnet for those who have an eye for luxury. The stunning beaches and the amazing night life makes the place an absolute must for adventure seeking souls. If this isn’t enough for you to travel to Havana, then the food definitely is.

Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

If you have heard of this place before then most probably it was in connection With William Shakespeare. The town’s most celebrated personage has attracted numerous visitors. This year Stratford-Upon-Avon will commemorate William Shakespeare’s 400th death anniversary. The theatre from the Royal Shakespeare Company is definitely worthy of a visit. The town is a perfect getaway from a busy city life.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which makes it one of the most tourist-attracting European cities. But that is not the only reason why you want to come here. The Baroque Old Town of Lithuania’s capital has beautifully embraced modernisation as its historic architecture gradually enfolds into exotic boulevards. Wander into the winding lanes of Vilnius’ Old Town and you will find yourself exploring some of the most beautiful sites in the world.


Bavaria, Germany

Visit Bavaria in autumn to enjoy the Oktoberfest. The free-state of Bavaria has a lot more to offer to it visitors. From story-book castles to walled towns which date back to the medieval era, Bavaria is a scenic place which enchants every traveller. It is inarguably one of the most beautiful places on the Earth. If you have a plan to travel this year then this is one of the best places in the world to visit.


A perfect blend of old-world charm and modern luxury makes this traveller friendly city worthy of a visit. You will see a beautiful collision of the old and the new as the city embraces modernization and continues to keep its beautiful ancient charm. Once you start exploring the city you may find yourself moving in and out of alleys which lead you to squares with exquisite fountains. The most distinguishable part of the city is the medina of Fes-el-Bali which is a primary attraction for tourists. This part of the city will allow you to explore the culture and lifestyle of the people of the city.

Sicily, Italy

Perfectly placed in the heart of the Mediterranean, the alluring island of Sicily attracts numerous travellers throughout the year. Its varied landscape makes the place perfect for adventurers. You can enjoy hiking, diving and swimming on this beautiful island. Sicily’s historic charm blends perfectly into its modernised architecture. Visitors will find themselves caught in an enchantment as they explore the streets of this beautiful island.


St. Helena

St. Helena offers silent reprieve to travellers who are trying to escape from a bustling city life. It is one of best place in the world to visit, especially because it is one of the most remote getaways of the world. St. Helena has recently become accessible by commercial planes. The serenity of the island allows you to connect with your soul.


Micronesia’s most populous island, Guam is a classic tropical paradise. You can visit there a festival of Pacific Arts to this island so you can enjoy the sun-kissed beaches and fit in a bit of culture into all of your enjoyment. The sleepy historical villages of the island are in stark contrast to its glitzy duty-free shopping hubs. Guam is a perfect place for those with an eye for luxury. Explore the beauty of the island and enjoy the luxuries offered by the high-end hotels. It is definitely one of the best places to visit in the world.

So, these are the 22 best places that will definitely make you pleased and delighted if you plan for a trip over there.

FAQ: Best Places To Visit In The World

What is the best place in the whole world to visit?

The “World’s Best Places to Visit” list is topped by Paris, while three of the top five destinations are European cities. New York City, Yosemite National Park and the Grand Canyon are among the top 30 vacation sites in the United States that are definitely worth a visit.

What is the most visited city?

Bangkok. With more than 21 million worldwide tourists, Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, is the world’s most visited city.

Is a 3 day vacation worth it?

Almost half of the people interviewed said they wanted a three-day getaway to reduce stress. A three-day vacation, as it turns out, can relieve stress since it is less stressful to plan, less expensive than a longer holiday, and is easier to execute. What is more, it gives you additional vacations to look forward to.