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The Golden Pavilion, Japan

This is one of the most popular temples in Japan which attracts a large number of visitors annually, especially those who prefer discovering new culture while having solo travel. It is a three stories building housing the relics of Lord Buddha of which the top two stories are covered with pure gold leaf. When sun rays fall on it, the temple resembles a jewel box. The temple is topped with a bronze phoenix statue.

The three floors of the pavilion incorporate three distinct styles of architecture – shinden, samuri and zen on its three floors and is a National Special historic site located in Kyoto and will truly offer you a unique experience where can seek inner peace and sit in quiet contemplation. There are a total of 17 temples in Kyoto which make up the tour of Zen Buddhist monasteries which also include the Silver Pavilion.

Source: seda1506 via Instagram, Thomas Chang via Instagram
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