By: | Updated: 06/16/2017

Healthiest Foods to Eat

If are looking to stay healthy and active then eating the right kind of food is really important to maintain proper immunity to fight any disease. Major problem with today’s youth is that they do not know the healthiest foods to eat and get confused and involved in eating junk food. It’s better to eat the right food than end up getting sick and eating lots of antibiotics.

1. Lemons

10 Healthiest Foods to Eat Every Day

Lemons are among the healthiest foods. It is a really healthy source of Vitamin C and just consuming one lemon a day will really cover your entire requirement of your Vitamin C needs. Lemons also increase the good HDL cholesterol levels in the body and it will also strengthen bones of your body. Another best thing about consuming lemon every day is that lemons contain citrus flavonoids that also help inhibit the growth of cancer cells and they also act as anti-inflammatory. You can also add slice of lemon and have with either green tea or water.

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