Best Healthiest Foods to Eat to Stay Healthy

If are looking to stay healthy and active then eating the right kind of food is really important to maintain proper immunity to fight any disease. Major problem with today’s youth is that they do not know the healthiest foods to eat and get confused and involved in eating junk food. It’s better to eat the right food than end up getting sick and eating lots of antibiotics.



Lemons are among the healthiest foods. It is a really healthy source of Vitamin C and just consuming one lemon a day will really cover your entire requirement of your Vitamin C needs. Lemons also increase the good HDL cholesterol levels in the body and it will also strengthen bones of your body. Another best thing about consuming lemon every day is that lemons contain citrus flavonoids that also help inhibit the growth of cancer cells and they also act as anti-inflammatory. You can also add slice of lemon and have with either green tea or water.



You can eat healthy snacks with salmon even if you are on a diet. Salmon, another healthiest foods to eat is also a great source of omega 3 fatty acids and fatty acids, can reduce the risk of heart disease, depression and cancer. Salmon can also replace your daily dose of niacin up to 50 percent and you can be protected from memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease.


A medium size broccoli contains huge amounts of Vitamin K and also double the amount of Vitamin C and these two are the main bone building nutrients that are present in your body. Broccoli is also considered one of the healthiest foods to eat as it eliminates the numerous cancers that may be in starting stage in your body. Consuming cooked broccoli will kill most of its nutrients so you can preserve up to 90 percent of Vitamin C present in broccoli by microwaving it.


Dark Chocolate

Women would really love this point. Just one-fourth of an ounce can really be a stimulant in reducing the blood pressure in a healthy person. The cocoa powder contained in chocolate is rich in flavonoids and it also contains antioxidants that will reduce the bad cholesterol which is also called LDL cholesterol and will also increase good HDL cholesterol levels.


Potatoes are one of healthiest foods to eat and just one red potato contains a quantity of 66mg of cell building folate and you can also find the same amount of cell building folate in one cup of spinach. You will get huge amount of immune boosting and cancer fighting Vitamin A which you would require daily. You will be required to eat baked potato but you let it cool before eating. It can also help to burn 25 percent more fat after a meal.



Most of the omega-3 fatty acids are present in Walnuts and it also reduce the cholesterol levels in your body out of all the nuts. The Omega-3 fatty acids that are present in walnuts, have been proved to improve mood and fight cancer and you can also be protected against sun damage. Walnuts are also easily available as they are common to be found in Indian households. And another great part about walnuts is that you can consume it with ice creams or straight as a dry fruit which is really good in taste.


Spinach contains zeaxanthin and lutein which are known as the most immune boosting antioxidants and they are also good for your eyes. Out of all the green vegetables, spinach is the healthiest one. It is also the most effective amongst all the cancer fighting fruits and veggies. So you can no doubt call Spinach one of the healthiest foods. You can consume spinach by adding it to any smoothie. Because spinach is flavourless, you can add it to anything. Blend one cup of spinach, 1 cup of grated carrots, one cup apple juice, one banana ice and it offers an amazing taste.


Avocados are really healthy and one of the most satisfying fats proven to reduce the cholesterol level in the body about 22 percent. Avocados contain fibre and we already know that fibre is a great source of reducing the cholesterol levels in the body. Of all the folate requirements of the body, you can fulfil up to 40 percent of it through avocados and it will also reduce the risk of heart diseases that may occur. Now after so many good effects, Avocados has really become one of the healthiest foods.



You would have heard a lot of it since it adds a new taste to your food. But do you know that garlic contains a lot of good features that fight diseases and can inhibit the growth of bacteria including E.Coli. Garlic also contains a compound called Allicin, which works as a potent anti-inflammatory and can lower cholesterol levels of the body as well as reduce the blood pressure levels. If you are looking for ways to consume garlic then you can just consume the fresh garlic which is also known to contain the most allicin, but you shouldn’t also expose the garlic to high heat for more than 10 minutes at a time.


If you have a heart disease, then you should definitely eat a serving of legumes like peas, beans and lentils atleast 4 times in a week and it will significantly reduce the risk of heart attacks. If you are a woman, you can also reduce the risk of breast cancer by significant amount. Another thing is that you can judge the bean by its darkness. The darker it is, more antioxidants it contain. So you should have beans to stay healthy.