Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

These Exercises to Lose Weight Fast Are Super-Effective

Thinking of exercises to lose weight fast but confused which ones to choose? Although healthy eating can be a good way to lose weight, the results will not turn out to be as effective as you want. For this, you have to add some exercises so as to be able to see a dramatic change in your appearance.


Step Aerobics

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Aerobics tend to be a good answer in case fat burning foods are not for you, as it is effective in shedding fat from a bum, legs, and hips. The exercise will start to give results within 2 weeks and therefore, is an integral part of 7 Best Ab Exercises.



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The results will depend on your speed - if you go faster, the results will be incredible!


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Completing various laps in an hour can burn around 800 calories.



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Its side to side running is effective in shaping legs and thighs. It is not only helpful in losing calories but will also make you sociable and known among many people.

Elliptical Burner

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Experts declare it as one of the best cardio exercises that assists in making muscles stronger and toning the stomach. You can spend a good time with the availability of TV or can even bring your own iPhone or iPods to listen to your favorite songs.



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Rowing tends to be an amazing solution to the problem how to lose weight. All you have to do is to be involved in a local rowing clubs and once satisfied, you can add it as a permanent workout.


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Being one of the best exercises to lose weight fast, brisk walking is the easiest cardio exercise that can burn fat from hips, stomach, and legs. Walking uphill, sprinting or walking across hills will accelerate the process and enable you to lose weight incredibly.


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It actually involves the whole body and is, therefore, regarded as an effective stress reliever.


Exercise DVDs

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In order to simplify the task of weight loss, many exercise trainers have introduced their DVDs having some of their best exercises that tend to be suitable for almost every part of the body.

Horse Riding

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It’s a bit difficult but yes, its effects on weight loss are quite satisfactory. It has helped many people to shed weight from thighs, butt, and abs. you can also check 7 Best Riding tips for it.


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This exercise, which is among the best exercises to lose weight fast, is quite exciting and enjoyable. People who love to jog can go with this exercise in order to lose extra weight.


Trampoline Bouncing

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Bouncing on a trampoline requires a lot of energy that will make the heart beat faster and thus, let the whole body work vigorously.


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It is a new form of workout that is really effective and can help a person to reduce a significant amount of calories in an hour.


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You just have to act like a bad ass and when you are done, the fat is already gone!



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Stretching tends to be a good exercise for the body. After some time, you will experience a significant improvement in the body’s flexibility and toning.


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Running after a ball with friends is another good way to shed extra fat and shape up the body.


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Hiking is quite different from the gentle walk. It actually burns 350 calories in an hour and enables people to add some memories with their friends and family.


Weight Training

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Although most of the people do not need to do weight training regularly, it should be included in the well-rounded workout routine.

Yard Work/Gardening

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Surprisingly, it is one of the most effective exercises to lose weight fast. Another reason to spend time in nature - tending tomatoes, sweeping grass clippings, pulling weeds and raking leaves.

Cleaning House

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Household chores are also useful in burning calories, especially when done with gusto for dusting and mopping with hands.


Ice Skating

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Most of the following exercises are for the summer and spring but when it comes to solving the problem of how to lose weight in the winter, ice skating is something that is primarily a winter-based workout.