By: | Updated: 06/16/2017

5. Cardiac Exercises

Cardiac exercises tend to be an ideal way to eliminate fat deposits. There are a lot of cardio intensive exercises that need dedication and focus so that the person will start to see instant results. While doing cardiac exercises, the person is not only working on muffin top but is also strengthening the core.

9 Effective Best Exercises for Muffin Top

6. Incline Crunches

This type of crunch exercise is not so intensive but still has a huge impact on getting rid of muffin top. The person needs to get a crunch bench, lie down on it and lift the toes. This way, the legs will be in the air while back is lying flat. The person will then needs to crunch up slowly until he/she is half-way sitting. Repeat the steps and burn calories.

7. Reverse Crunches

Take the incline bench and sit on it with feet in the air. Lower the back slowly to the half way then bring the upper portion of the body in a way up direction. Yes, it will be a bit difficult but when the person keeps on doing it, the results are incredible.

8. Rowing

Most of the people do not consider it the best exercise for muffin top because they are actually unaware of how amazing and effective it is. This exercise actually employs back instead of core and arms. It requires the person to sit with the back throughout the session as it will make the results more effective.

9 Effective Best Exercises for Muffin Top

9. Twist Toe-Touches

They are not as intensive as other exercises are, meaning that everybody can easily do them. The person will have to start with feet shoulder-width, hands on the hips and knees straight. Now twist and touch the right fingers to left toes, straighten and then touch the right toes with left fingers.