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A Romantic Photo Shoot

Source: Jordan Voth

A Romantic Photo Shoot #engagementphoto #couple #beach

Take a romantic stroll on the beach and we guarantee that the results will impress you. Only you, a loving couple in front of the camera and a beach with the ocean or sea. Isn`t it a perfect combination for incredible photos?

A Sunset Kiss

Source: alisa.belochkina via Instagram

A Sunset Kiss #engagementphoto #love #kiss #sunset

Another beach idea for you is a sunset kiss. Two lovebirds who share a beautiful moment of kissing, showing the new engagement ring of the bride to be. “Save the date, dear friends!”- that`s exactly what such a romantic photo screams.

A Classical Pose

Source: Annmarie Swift photography

A Classical Pose #engagementphoto #love #couple

Classical engagement photo poses for a couple that shows all the love and tenderness you feel for each other. Take your hand up to show the engagement ring and a perfect photo is ready. Happy you and a new small detail on your finger will speak about your upcoming wedding day louder than words for your family and friends.

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