Best Cities to Visit in Europe That Are Under-Rated

Some Of The Best Cities To Visit In Europe

Europe is the place that lets you enjoy diverse cultures, more than two dozen of languages and numerous sovereign states. So, why not make one of the European cities as your next holiday break. Paris and Barcelona are no doubt the most preferable cities to most of us but in case you are in the search to have a taste of deep Europe, then here are some of the best cities you can consider for that.


The cities mentioned here are a good choice that blend beauty and charisma perfectly while you can also breathe fresh air to feel relaxed. All the cities can offer something different to you.

Edinburgh, Scotland:

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Edinburg is among the best cities in Europe but, unfortunately, few people are aware of that. Want to witness the world’s largest art festival? Then head towards Edinburgh during August. This is the time when people of Scotland get down to the streets to enjoy the Edinburgh festival, extreme of drama and comedy. The neoclassic architecture and cobbled streets in this city are really mind blowing. Do not forget to visit Edinburgh castle that is appeared over the city from the hill station. Arthur’s seat, a dominant volcano of the city lets the travelers enjoy the green spacious capital.


Bruges, Belgium:

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Bruges is among the European cities that offer tourists to make their holidays memorable by exploring all the traditional and ancient things. Most of the 17th century buildings in Bruges have been converted into pubs, restaurants and shops. This place is a perfect medieval city that is filled with cobbled lanes, horse drawn carriages and sparkling canals. Apart from these, there are so many things to enjoy. But the best time to visit this place would be winter as the city allows you to swallow its taste perfectly due to its less busyness during that time. Also, there is nothing better than feeling the magical frozen city in Christmas time.

Budapest, Hungary:

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This is one of the most beautiful and best cities in Europe. Budapest is actually the tale of two beautiful cities. Buda is the wilder one that is located at the top hill and is perfect for funny people. The picturesque town has so many scenic beauties to feel. The famous Buda castle is another attraction of Buda. Pest, better known as the heart of Budapest is situated in another side across the bridge. Lined with so many bars, ornate churches, Grand Opera house and courtyards, Pest is a very beautiful city. Overall, both the cities are beautiful and are worth visiting.


Helsinki, Finland:

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Finland’s capital Helsinki can offer a lot to its visitors and this is definitely one of the best cities to visit in Europe. This is a very charming coastal area where you can experience all the seaside beauties. The food is very tasty at the seaside, and soon this place will bag the name for offering the world class sea food. There is no such special time to visit this city, so you can make the tour during any season. The cool and young vibe is enough to help you relax during the holiday at your best. So, this city will make the holiday really enjoyable during any time.

Porto, Portugal:

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You will surely fall in love with it as soon as you make an entry to the most romantic city of Portugal, Porto. The architectural styles and vibrant colors of the city make it amazing. The medieval bell towers, pastel townhouses and the extravagant baroque churches are some of the attractions of the city. If you are a die-hard fan of music, then travel to this place during June to enjoy the Primavera Sound festival, while numerous wine caves attract the wine aficionados towards it.


Seville, Spain:

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If there is a strong desire to witness the authentic hot blooded Spanish culture once in a life, Seville is no doubt the best place for that. The popular bull fighting stadium, Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza and its Tapas scene are the most beautiful attraction in Spain. The best time to visit this one of the best cities in Europe is during spring time when the flamenco dancers get down to the streets in colorful dresses. There is nothing better than enjoying this enduring image of Spain during that time.

Verona, Italy:

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When you have a plan to land in one of the best Italian cities, why not make it to the beautiful settings of Romeo and Juliet in Verona? This city is really beautiful and charming with so many attractions. Most of the time travelers forget about this city. The forum and arena are really intact till date where concerts take place during the warmer season. Also, do not skip the most photo perfect place Casa di Giulietta in Verona, which is the balcony of Juliet.

Salzburg, Austria:

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This is a perfect fairy tale city with Baroque churches, well maintained green space and UNESCO protected old town. The famous export, sound of music is definitely the first attraction but there is something more to enjoy in Salzburg. The prosperous concert hall culture, Von Trapps, budding art scenes are also appreciating. So, make this city as your next holiday destination and you will be highly delighted.

The 8 best cities to visit in Europe are described here. Pick any of them as your next holiday destination to make the vacation more memorable. All the mentioned cities are equally beautiful and will provide you with much fun. So, just choose the place and get ready to gain the invaluable life long experience.