Best Beaches To Visit On Your Caribbean Vacations

Top Beaches To Visit On Caribbean Vacations

Caribbean vacations are one of the most popular vacations for those who are looking for a getaway from their hectic lives as well as those who need to spend some quality time with their families. The Caribbean has an intoxicating charm which draws endless visitors to its breath-taking landscapes and tranquil waters. The white powder sand beaches and captivating sceneries make them the perfect place for a vacation.


If you are heading to the Caribbean Islands for your next vacation, then you should take some time to explore these beaches and you will be creating memories that you would want to re-live over and over again.

1. Anguilla

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This northernmost island of the Caribbean is one of the best places in the world to visit. Its pristine beaches, luxury accommodations and the warmth of the 13,000 people who live on the island make it one of the best destinations for travelers. The sparkling waters are just a shade deeper than the sky and the uninterrupted stretches of sugary sands set the tone for the peaceful and carefree vibe.

Explore the island’s art galleries and museums or ride on a horse along the beach. Rejuvenate your soul with a visit to the world-class spas or simply explore the many nature trails. Birdwatchers can take a stroll along the birdwatching havens. Going around the island during the day can be exciting, but wait for the night and music fills every spot. Nightlife in Anguilla is exciting and thrilling.

Anguilla is home to 33 beaches. Shoal Bay East is one of the most popular beaches due to its convenient equipment rental. However, if you are trying to avoid the crowd, then head to Rendezvous Bay and you won’t be disappointed.


2. The British Virgin Islands

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The chain of 60 sleepy islands and cays which make up the British Virgin Islands (BVI) usually attract visitors who prefer seclusion. It has been able to avoid development which only adds to its appeal. The islands have been successful in garnering attention from travelers with deep pockets and love for isolation.

The bone-white beaches and turquoise waters are a spectacular sight for the tourists. If you are visiting the British Virgin Islands, then make it a point to move to different islands of the archipelago so that you can enjoy everything it has to offer.

The yacht-filled harbors, ancient ruins, and delectable food are the most prominent features of the biggest island of the BVI chain - Tortola. Virgin Gorda is another island which is preferred by many visitors for its yacht clubs, quiet coves, and luxury resorts.

Jost Van Dyke is an island that offers peacefulness and Anegada’s vibrant coral reefs are bound to brighten up your mind.

3. Turks and Caicos

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These tropical isles may be small in size, but the memories you take back from this exclusive getaway are those that you will hold on to forever. The islands offer a peaceful reprieve from a hectic lifestyle. The group of 40 islands and cays have three prominent representatives.

You’ve got Providenciales or Provo which is the hub of all cruise ships and offers luxurious stays. Then there is colonial Grand Turk which is the historic and cultural nucleus of Turks and Caicos. If you are looking for budget-friendly lodging options, then choose to stay at Grand Turk or Salt Cay. Provo is more famous for expensive hotels and boutique resorts. Salt Cays is also a great spot for snorkeling and diving. You will be able to explore one of the largest reefs from Salt Cays.

The islands have the only Conch farm in the world. So make sure you do not return from these islands without sampling this shellfish in its glory.


4. The U.S. Virgin Islands

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Fringed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the U.S. Virgin Islands are an absolute vacation spot for those looking for a tropical getaway. Americans do not even have to use their passport because the island comes under U.S. territories.

The three major islands see the most tourists and all of them have a character of their own. Those who are on Caribbean vacations to have a laid-back experience, St. Croix is the perfect place to start. The sugar cane plantations and rum distilleries will give you an insight into the past of the island and the present culture, as well.

St. John is an island which attracts visitors to explore its national park which makes up to two-thirds of the island. Even a few hours at this island will give you an experience of a lifetime. You can go for hiking, camping and specialty shopping on St. John or simply enjoy its white beaches.

St. Thomas has one of the most spectacular harbors in the Caribbean and it offers luxurious lodging options and has fine-dining restaurants that you would love to splurge on. The nightlife here is exciting, and duty-free shopping is enjoyed by all tourists. The submarine rides are awesome, and the rich vibes of the island are bound to energize you.

5. Cayman Islands

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The Cayman Islands consist of three islands which are equally beautiful. Grand Cayman is the largest of the three and it offers complete relaxation and an exciting nightlife. The jaw-dropping underwater sights and the spectacular reefs add color and character to this island. The crescent shaped Seven Mile Beach is one of the most beautiful and least populated beaches on the island. A few more exciting places to visit on the island are Cayman Islands National Museum, Rum Point, Pedro St. James, Bodden Town and Cayman Turtle Farm.

Cayman Brac is great for the adventurous. With a population of less than 1,800, this island has an exotic flora and fauna. People on the island are warm and welcoming and they love to share the tales of the island with the visitors. The limestones caves and sinkholes at Cayman Brac are amazing. For underwater adventures, you would love the awe-inspiring wall dives and the options for shallow diving and wreck diving, as well. You can spend time on the island by hiking through the nature trails to explore flowers and plants that you may have never come across before.

Caribbean vacations can never go wrong. The vibrant dance and music of the islands, the captivating folklore, clear skies and sugary sand beaches offer a paradise to the travelers amidst the sparkling azure waters.