I am my mother’s daughter. I have never shied away from accepting it because she is the closest person I’ve got in this life. She is there in the blink of an eye when I need her and she has a solution to most of my problems. She is no genie in the bottle, but she has this special power of making me feel good whenever she is around. If you are close to your mom, then you would know what I am talking about. Here are a dozen of good things about being close to your mom:


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Like Mother Like Daughter

Your mother is always the special one for you. No matter what she does for a living, your mother has inculcated the best qualities in you. She has shown what it is to be a loving person and to succeed in life. Your closeness to her has only helped you mirror her values and lead a life of morals.


Going Home is Fun

Home is the place when you get love, comfort, support, and even headache remedies. Moms have a way of turning homes into a warm place where everyone feels relaxed once they enter. So you keep turning up without reason. Holiday season or not, if you have time to spend, you’d rather do it at home with your mom. If you are close to your moms, you would have already done this innumerable time.

You Have the Best Travel Companion

Friends and boyfriends stand the chance of getting annoyed when you throw your tantrums. Whether you’re hungry or if it is just a mood swing, mothers will always have something to eat in their purse for you. They know you inside out, so they will let you cool down and sit silently for the time. Travelling with your moms can be super fun especially when they show their loving care in all these simple ways.


She is on Speed Dial

Having mom on speed dial is important, and not only in case of natural disasters. Good or bad, your mom is the first person who hears it when something happens in your life. Be it the date that went rather well or the boss who fired you, you are on a call with your mom to tell every minute details even before it is over. When something happens you have no doubt in your mind who you will be calling first.

She Likes Everything You Do

Whether it is Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, your mother will like everything you post. So you are guaranteed at least one like for everything that you post. She adores you so much that she is bound to like whatever you do. Usually you will find that she comes into action within minutes of you posting something.


6. She Fosters You Best Friend Too

There is no doubt that caring moms end up extending their love to your best friends too. Your bestie may even be calling her mama, and it just brings you even closer to your mom. Her love for you and for the people you are with makes you feel special all the time. Bringing your bestie home makes it even better when you share all those fun moments with two great people in your life.

She Is an Honest Shopping Companion

Shopping with your mother is great because you spend money in the right things. Her opinions are honest, probably because she knows that they matter to you. Shopping is not only fun, but also done wisely when you have your mom with you. If your mother is close to you then she will also be able to pick out the right stuff for you because she knows your taste and the colours you love. What more could a girl ask for?

Calls and Messages – Your Phone Is Filled With These From Your Mom

Your mother calls and messages to know you are fine. Her messages are sometimes hilarious and her calls keep you going on those bad days.


You Want to Mirror Her When You Turn Into a ‘Mom’

Who else would you want to mirror but the woman who has turned you into the girl that you are? Undoubtedly, you have decided to raise your kids just like your mom raised you. There are no questions about it, because the love she had for you is exactly what you want to mirror as a parent. You want to be hundred percent the mom that she has been to you so that you can share the same closeness with your kids.

She Is Your Inspiration

If your mom finds out that you are going through a bad phase, then she will take up the task of putting that smile back on your face – where it rightfully belongs. She will send you inspirational mails and the usual ‘Love ya’ will make you feel special as you read through her mails.

You Never Have to Explain Anything to Her. She knows

You do not have to tell who is who because she keeps track of all your friends and she knows exactly who you are hanging out with. Mother have a knack of knowing exactly who you are referring to when you start talking about friends, after all they have to keep an eye on you. Who else will?


You Never Have to Worry About Turning Into Her

You want to be her, so why worry about turning into her. Those worries are for girls who are not close to their mothers. You have the best mom and you want to be just like her when you become a mother.

Mothers are made of all these good things which make them so special in our lives. I can only feel bad about those who can’t say the same for their mothers.