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Balayage Hair Highlighting for Short Hair

Short hair, don’t despair! If you think that balayage tones will not work with shorter tresses, you couldn’t be more mistaken! Short hair looks even more gorgeous with balayage hues. If you think your shorter locks are boring, balayage effects will add more depth, texture, and body to your short hairstyle!

And as an added bonus, you won’t have to get as many touch ups as someone with longer hair! Short hair is perhaps the best length for balayage as it is super easy to maintain. Again, we must going out that if you opt for lighter shades such as pale blonde, you will need more frequent touch-ups that you will with darker hues.

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Short Bob Haircut With Balayage #balayagehair

Following are some of the most popular balayage short hair trends in 2018:

  • Icy blonde balayage
  • Blonde and caramel balayage
  • Raven black with platinum blonde balayage
  • Fiery sunset balayage
  • Tortoiseshell balayage
  • Bronde balayage
  • Dark black and light brown balayage
  • Dark blonde and silver balayage
  • Rose gold balayage

As you can see, there are so many timeless and trendy color possibilities for balayage hues for shorter tresses! Whether you have waves, curls or straight hair, balayage can add life to your short locks!

Still not sure if a short balayage cut will work for you? Check out these sexy short cuts with beautiful balayage hues! From buttery blonde waves to balayage bob brunette hues, these fun and flirty short hairstyles are super cute and chic!

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Layered Bob Haircut With Balayage #balayagehair

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A balayage bob style is one of the most popular hair trends this season. Also balayage pixies are making a huge splash! Celebs have taken short balayage hairstyles to the next level!

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