Cute And Useful Baby Shower Gifts Ideas

When you hear the news that your close friend is expecting a baby – you can’t be more happy for her. However, this means that soon enough there will be a need for baby shower gifts to be purchased. It may seem not that difficult to come up with an idea on your own but when you start brooding about it – things may get ugly pretty soon. That is why we have gathered here these unique and practical baby shower presents ideas. With any of these gifts, you will show your care, love, and devotion to the mother-to-be not to mention the baby that is about to come in this world!


Animal Critter Wrap Bath Towels

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With the amount of bath time babies certainly need lots of soft towels. However, you can go as far as to get a creative towel set as a baby shower gift. We are sure that animal critter wrap towels will be one of the best baby shower gifts suggested. With a gift like that not only a baby will feel dry and soft but will also look simply adorable.


BabyLit Board Books

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It is never too early to introduce a baby to a good book. Illustrated and suited classics may be that one key present that will change the course of his or her life. That is why if you are looking for unique baby shower gifts – BabyLit board books may be just the idea you need.

Nightlight Gift Idea

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The truth is that there are so many gifts for a baby shower that it may be quite difficult to choose one. However, you need to consider the primary needs of the baby. That is why a nightlight stands out among the other gifts. If you want the baby to be never afraid of the darkness, it is best to find a creative nightlight present to treat the baby with!


Please And Carrots Toy Subscription

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Good baby showers gifts are many and you are the only one that is why you are about to face a tough choice. However, it is essential that you realize that all the kids need toys. As a responsible adult, you need to make sure that the toys are not only safe for a newborn baby but also that they will have a positive effect on it. That is why Please and Carrots toys are an irreplaceable gift to consider

ABC Picture Blocks

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There are so many things to teach a child and you need some help with that, that is for sure. That is why a set of ABC picture blocks is not only a thoughtful but also a practical gift for a baby shower. We are certain that every mother and baby will appreciate such a present.


Baby Memories Book

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The fact that a gift is thoughtful and practical does not mean that it can’t be funny. Make every memory count and write it down into baby memories book. It is certain that one of such funny baby shower gifts will be carried on through years! Besides, it will be so exciting for a baby to read everything when he or she grows up!

Travel Crib Gift Idea

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Very often, young mothers decide not to travel with a baby. Their primary and worst fear is that a baby may be unsafe on the travel. However, with something as useful as a travel crib gift a mother will feel peaceful no matter the destination.

Waterproof Changing Mat

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Getting back to the topic of traveling with a baby. You all may know that there can be no travel without changing a baby at least once. That is why a waterproof changing mat for traveling is undoubtedly a nice gift to at least consider. What is more, the fact that it is waterproof makes it even more valuable and practical. Think about it.


Baby Carrier Or Sling Gift Idea

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The fact is that all babies like to sleep in their mother’s arms. However, it may feel so inconvenient at times. That is why every mother needs a sling or a baby carrier to have at hand. In case, you are sure that the mother-to-be hasn’t got one of those – be the that one thoughtful friend who purchases it for her!

Activity Mat Gift Idea

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The truth is that young mothers have a lot on their minds and very often, a gift that will keep the baby occupied at least for a while is certainly worth considering. For instance, activity mat will not only keep the baby’s attention when the mother is busy with something else but it will also help with the baby’s memory and attention development.

Mobile Gift Idea

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There are some things that are simply irreplaceable when it comes to a nursery room. Mobile is surely one of them. Even though it is a simple gift, it is still highly requested. However, you are going to need to visit the nursery beforehand so that the mobile coincides with the décor and color palette of the room. Rest assured the range of option to choose from is simply unlimited so that there will be something suitable for every baby!


Clothes And Shoes Gift Idea

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Among all the practical baby shower gifts clothes come on the top of the list. Yet, you need to keep it in mind that babies grow fast and it is best if you buy some clothes that are at least a size bigger. What is more, you need to be aware of mother styling preferences as well since usually, mothers choose clothes for the baby that coincide with their own style.

Belly Wrap Gift Idea For Mommy

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Very often when it comes to baby shower gifts a mother is left out. We think that it is not entirely fair since there are lots of issues a mother will go through and they need to be tended to as well. For instance, if you know that your friend suffers from back pain or is self-conscious of the protruding belly – belly wrap shower gifts for mom will do the trick.

Bath Items For Mother

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It is not a secret to anyone that most of her time a mother spends with the newborn. Half of that time is spent in the bathroom and very often, a mother stands there on her knees while bathing the child. That is why it will be thoughtful of you to present a mother with suitable bath items. A knee rug and under elbow mat may come in more handy than you can imagine.


Baby Video Monitor

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It may not occur to you – but mothers need rest too. That is why if you present a mother-to-be with a baby video monitor she will be more than grateful to you. The thing is that such a gift will allow your friend to take a nap or do other chores without constant checking on the baby. Since you can easily carry it around with you will always keep track of the baby’s state.

DIY Diaper Cakes

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The truth is that when it comes to a baby shower you can get a little creative and present something practical in a unique form. For example, if you are about to look for baby shower ideas for a girl – this may be the one. As you can see, it is not a regular cake – but a diaper one. We are sure that newborns need those in huge quantities!

DIY Gift Basket Idea

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There are times when you can’t decide which gift suits the occasion most. That is why you compose your very own DIY baby shower gifts basket. You can place in anything that you think may become handy when the baby arrives. Anything on the scale from safe toys to diapers and thermometers can fit in so that you will feel safer about the new family.


Printable DIY Décor Gift Idea

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If you are willing to put some effort and spend some more time when planning the baby shower gifts choice; we have something in store for you. The thing is that creative baby shower gifts will never go unnoticed and they will always warm the hearts of those who own them. A printable décor idea will add up to the atmosphere as well as to the mood. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination!

FAQ: Baby Shower Gifts

How much should you spend on a baby shower gift this year?

A budget of $ 50 to $ 170 is recommended by sales agents, depending on how close you are to your pregnant parents. There are always many options if you decide to make a unique and useful present. This shows how much you care.

What do you say on a card for a baby shower?

  1. “Truly happy for you.”
  2. “I hope you and your new baby feel great.”
  3. “Your little family will soon grow and be cute.”
  4. “I wish you an ocean of joy with your little baby.”