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Easy Argyle Nail Art Step By Step

Source: Kelli Marissa via Youtube

Easy Argyle Nail Art Step By Step

To do this nail design, you will need clear base coat, light grey nail lacquer, a small brush for nail art, striping tape, green nail lacquer, mahogany nail lacquer, coppery silver nail lacquer, top coat for these nail art designs to last longer, and one more top coat, but with a mattifying effect.

  1. Apply your base coat to clean nails. Wait until it dries.
  2.  Apply light grey nail lacquer.
  3.  Cover the grey color with top coat. Wait till it dries.
  4.  Apply striping tape to your nail in the form of an X.
  5.  Fill the upper triangle in with your green nail lacquer, using a small brush for nail art.
  6.  Remove that striping tape before the green color dries.
  7.  When the green color dries, place an X on your nail with the striping tape again.
  8.  The bottom triangle should be filled with mahogany nail lacquer.
  9.  Again, before the color dries, remove that striping tape.
  10.  With a silver coppery shade, paint a line with dots in the shape of a diamond.
  11.  Wait until nail lacquer dries completely before applying top coat. Finish with the mattifying effect. Done!

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