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Have a Life of Your Own

Do you know how to get a guy to like you? Let him know that he is not the center of your universe. If you are always sitting around waiting him for to call and jump every time he calls, he’s going to think you’re desperate. Men like a woman who are independent and have a life apart from his. He certainly will have a life of his own as well. Spend time with your family and friends. Go out by yourself. Keep yourself busy. Show him you are both independent and confident. If you want to make him want you, you need to show him that you are self-assured.

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9 Best Advice to Make Him Want You

Build up His Ego

Compliment him often. Let him know you think he’s smart, funny and attractive. Tell him how you feel, but don’t lay it on too thick so that it sounds fake! Be honest and sincere. Also flirt with him a lot. Make eye contact. Brush your hand lightly against his arm. Touch his hand. Show him you are confidant in the way you feel about yourself… and him. Make him feel like a man.

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9 Best Advice to Make Him Want You

Keep up Your Appearance

Dress to impress. Wear that sexy black dress or cute little bathing suit. Make sure your hair and makeup are always on point. Wear those sexy little heels. Treat yourself to some fun new clothes and experiment with new hairstyles and makeup. While appearances aren’t everything, a man wants his woman to look good. Be sexy, but leave a little room for mystery.

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9 Best Advice to Make Him Want You

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