Exciting Adventures For Women Who Enjoy Solo Travel

Solo Adventure Tips To Be Used By Women

A lot of women love to travel yet are afraid of traveling solo. However there are plenty of places that woman can travel safely. Some of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my life have been the result of being brave enough to attempt solo travel. There is so out there to experience.


Tips for Solo Travel

As a travel blogger, I get to travel for a living, and European cities are my favorite destinations but I want to share more experiences with you. I have taken the time to compile a list of some of the most exciting adventures I have undertaken via solo travel. Of course, some of these are group activities, but since I was in fact, traveling alone, they were still truly solo travel. And some of these tours/adventures can also be booked incidentally as well. It fixes up to you the solo traveler, to decide if you wish to embark on private or group tours. Of course, there is always safety in numbers, but there are plenty of places that are practical safe for a woman for solo travel.

One of the benefits of traveling solo is that you set your own agenda, you can even pick the Disney world vacation. No one or nothing can hold you back. You can be as adventurous, or as lazy, as you like. Go hiking, mountain climbing or scuba diving. Lounge by the pool or a beach. Taste exotic and daring new foods and explore hidden botieuwa and stores that you would otherwise not get to see unless you were traveling solo.

Of course you need to remember to use common sense. Never give out your personal information to anyone. If you wish to exchange email addresses, it might be wise to create an email account especially for travel purposes. Make sure it does not include your real name or personal information such as your birth date. Do not go out walking anywhere late at night by yourself, utilize public transportation or take a taxi service.

Always make sure your cell phone is fully charged. It’s also a good idea to bring an extra external battery charger with you as well for emergencies. You might want to pack a separate camera and not waste your phone's battery taking pictures. Also, make sure to check in regularly with a friend back home and if possible, provide someone with a copy of your travel itinerary.

Never leave your bags unattended and don’t carry all of your valuables with you. Leave your stuff in the hotel safe or your room safe while you are traveling. Do not give out your hotel information to strangers.

If you remember these simple tips, you will have nothing to worry about while traveling solo!


List of Exciting Adventures

So peruse my list, find what appeals to you, call your travel agent and pack your bags. The world of solo travel is waiting for you! Embark on your next attenuate today!

  1. Join a Tai Chi Class in Hong Kong.
  2. Travel to Santiago, Chile, which is one of the safest cities for solo travel for women.
  3. Kayak through the fjords in Norway.
  4. Take a horse drawn carriage, or pedicab, tour though Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
  5. Balance your Chakra in California while eating a cucumber and tofu sandwich!
  6. Swim in the caves or with the turtles in Semuc Champey, Guatemala.
  7. Camp in the Grand Canyon...or better yet go White Water Rafting or rent a boathouse and explore the Grand Canyon's farm within.
  8. Go on a South Asian Cruse, make sure it makes port in Shanghai China.
  9. Go horseback riding in the Himalayas.
  10. Take a dip in the Blue Lagoon (Iceland) and have a unique view of the Northern Lights.
  11. Check out the views from the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada.
  12. Check out the underground music scene in London, England.
  13. Lounge on the beach in Phu Quoc, Vietnam.
  14. Visit the historic plantations in Charleston, SC.
  15. Listen to the sound of music and dance in the mountains in Salzburg Austria.
  16. Sit in a zen garden in Tokyo and meditate to find your inner peace.
  17. Gone on a coffee binge and shopping spree on DeGRaves street in Melbourne.
  18. Go on a whale watching tour or winter cruise in Alaska.
  19. Explore the tombs in Ancient Egypt.
  20. Become an outdoor adventure in New Zealand.
  21. Go biking and backpacking on the Aran Islands in Ireland.
  22. Ride a Vespa through the streets of Rome.
  23. Check out the fashion scene in Milan.
  24. Sip wine in a vineyard in Tuscany.
  25. Go “surfing” down a volcano in Nicaragua.
  26. Take part in a “group swim” in the gorgeous Cenote in Mexico.
  27. Find a partner and take a tango class in Buenos Aires.
  28. Take a bike tour through Stockholm.
  29. Tour the rainforests in Costa Rica.
  30. Go for a ride on the Alline Railways in Switzerland.
  31. Learn how to cook healthy and yummy Thai cuisine in Thailand.
  32. Dance the night away on the starlit beaches of Montenegro.
  33. Take a lace-making class in Bruges, Belgium.
  34. Eat at CheckPoint Charlie in Berlin... be sure to try the currywurst!
  35. Surf the waves in Bocas del Toro, Panama.
  36. Spend hours browsing in the Selexys Dominicanen, a 13th century church that was converted into a bookstore.
  37. Drink a few pints and have some fish in chips in a pub in Ireland.
  38. Pick pineapples on a pineapple plantation in Maui, Hawaii.
  39. Take a road trip through the many national parks in the western US states.
  40. Rent a trailer or camper and explore the beauty of Australia from Urulu to Alice Springs.
  41. Ride up Table Mountain in the aerial cableway in Cape Town, South Africa.
  42. Swim with the sharks in Ambergris Caye, Belize.
  43. Go for a swim in the Bosphorus (the body of water that separates Asia, Istanbul Turkey, and Europe).
  44. Backpack through Fiji.
  45. Go on a boat trip in the Mekong River in Laos.
  46. Take part in a yoga retreat in St Barth.
  47. Ride through Switzerland on the Alpine railways.
  48. Go on a camel safari through Rajasthan, India.
  49. Spend you summer as a bartender or waitress in the Greek Islands.
  50. Explore the Saba (the only Caribbean Island without any beaches) by foot.

Feel free to add the above to your solo travel bucket list! And enjoy!