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Striped Pants And Boots

Striped Pants And Boots Fasion Trend #stripedpants

If you think about most popular 80s outfits for a while, you will come to realize that women during that time were obsessed with stripes and boots. That is why a combo of striped pants and ankle boots were so popular at the time. Truth be told this notion has made its way into modern fashion as well.

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Polka Dots Dress

Polka Dots Dress Trend #dresstrend

All of you may already know that polka dot is a print that defines retro looks. To be honest, not only the 60s were about polka dots, 80s as well. Surely, when compared to all the neon and denim clothing, it may seem unbelievable that something as elegant was required too. However, the truth remains that polka dot dresses were hit clothing during the 80s.

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Bandana Fashion Trend

Bandana Fashion Trend #bandana #oversizetshirt

Accessories were essential during the 80s. When we say accessories we do not mean only the jewelry or purses – think bandanas as well. The fact is that all the women at the time had a vast range of bandanas to choose from to wear on a different occasion. That is why if you wish to dive into the 80s fashion, you should better invest in a few bandanas.

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Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket Trend #denimjacket

As opposed to 80s neon fashion denim jackets were a must-have for every fashion girl during the 80s. There was nothing that a denim jacket couldn’t have been combined with. Be it a dress or a pair of jeans you put on, the denim jacket was the perfect element to complete the look.

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80s Fashion Accessories

80s Fashion Accessories #goldbag #sunglasses

Purses were on the top of popularity during the 80s since it was that one accessory element that made your look stand out. That is why if you want to accent your outlook like the ladies in the 80s did, you should better choose a purse that stands out. For instance, this green-hued outfit, paired with a golden purse is the best-representing example.

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Sequin Jumpsuit

Sequin Jumpsuit Trend #partystyle

Apart from neon colors, bling 80s clothes were on the edge of glory. In case you wonder where from modern jumpsuits came from – straight from the 80s. However, if nowadays the jumpsuits are more reserved, during the past decade there has been nothing to stop you from sporting such a glowing sequin suit.

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