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80s Style Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress Fashion Trend #blackjacket

There are such fashion elements that are trending no matter the decade or century outside. Little black dress is precisely one of those elements. However, in order to grant the LBD, some 80s fashion women opt for leather jackets with shoulder pads. Such a lot can easily fit in any party or even a formal occasion.

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Floral And Neon

Floral And Neon Fashion Trend #neonjeans

Almost everyone knows that 80s fashion trends involved lots of neon colors and floral elements. That is why if you wish to replicate one of the 80s significant looks, you should better combine the floral pattern with bright neon coloring. For instance, such a pair of yellow pants with flowers all over will suit a bright pink top like bread and butter.

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80s Workout Fashion

80s Workout Fashion #workoutstyle

These days when you are heading to the gym, a simple T-shirt and a pair of leggings would make your workout outfit. However, 80s fashion girls would surely consider such a look as too simple and boring. There was no room for subtleness in the 80s fashion even if you had sportswear in mind. One look at the outfit depicted here, and you will get the point.

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Printed Blouse

Printed Blouse Fashion Trend #blouse #velvettrousers

The truth is that even 80s casual fashion wasn’t that casual when you have a closer look at it. The thing is that a printed blouse combined with a pair of high-waisted pair of pants looks quite extraordinary and pompous to us, while during the 80s it was something close to an everyday look. Prints and over-sized clothes were all the rage at the time.

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High Waisted Denims

High Waisted Denims #denimshorts #croptop

One of the main trends that has made its way back from the 80s into the modern world is high-waisted jeans. However, during the 80s not only jeans but also jeans shorts were all high-waisted. To complete such an exquisite look, all that was needed was a crop top.

What is more, even if you made it on your own, it still counted. Quite convenient, don’t you think? Tired of your sweater? Make a crop top out of it!

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Jacket With Shoulder Pads

Jacket With Shoulder Pads #shoulderpads

In case you wonder whether there were formal looks to replicate these days – there certainly were. The thing is that any coat, jacket, or blazer with shoulder pads was considered to be formal wear. You could have easily paired such a jacket with leather pants or dress, or even a skirt – what mattered were the shoulder pads!

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