Taking up a 30 day ab challenge can help you boost and tone your body strength and core muscles. Challenges are really beneficial when you wish to achieve a particular result in a certain period of time. It is easier to do exercises when you have a plan.


Thus, when you get up, you already know what to do today. Looking at the plan every day makes it more difficult to be lazy and refuse from exercising. So, not to let you skip exercising, we have picked 5 one month fitness plans.

Each of these plans has a peculiar abs workout routine. The first plan includes sit ups, leg raises, crunches, and plank exercises.

The second plan involves Russian twist, plank, and mountain climber exercises.

Source: Oceanastrachan via Instagram

The third fitness plan offers you to do plank, crunches, side plank, and bicycles.


Finally, the fourth and fifth challenges consist of three types of exercises, sit ups, plank and flutter kicks, and burpees, Russian twist and ski abs respectively.

All of these fitness plans are advantageous because they are not only helpful in losing weight, but in strengthening the whole body, as well. The key is to do it gradually, and these plans ensure it.

Although these challenges are focused on building up your abs, they also assist you in training other muscle groups. For example, burpees tone your arms, shoulders, chest, back, abs, booty, thighs, and they are advantageous for your cardio, too.

And sit ups do not only make you work your abdominal muscles, but your chest and legs muscles and hip flexors, as well. To sum up, a 30 day abs challenge is an effective way to tone your abs as well as the whole body and to lose weight. But to maintain these positive changes, don’t stop exercising after the challenge is complete. Do exercises at least 2 times per week for the great result not to disappear. Stay healthy!

FAQ: 30 Day Ab Challenge

What are the top 5 ab exercises?

The best exercises that will work out your ab muscles are bicycle crunch, stability ball crunches, vertical leg crunch, reverse crunch, captain’s chair. Planks, either dynamic or static, side, elbow or straight arms planks work out your entire body and burn fat.

Is a 10 minute ab workout enough?

Doing ten-minute ab workout is enough if you are consistent with it. If you attend a gym two to three times per week, devote around 10 minutes to work out your abs. Do the most effective abs exercises and give yourself at least one full day of rest in between your trainings.