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This is no doubt one of the best tips for losing weight in a quick way. You must have heard of the cabbage diet soup that can help you to lose weight. And you can have this vegetable in several ways. A half cup of cabbage contains only 17 calories but it requires much energy to digest. Also, this veggie is rich in fiber that will keep you full for longer period. Your body will get all types of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants from it which will improve your health. At the same time, you can lose the extra pounds easily.


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Include broccoli in your diet list

Broccoli is the answer to how to lose belly fat fast. This useful vegetable contains a high amount of water thus aids in losing weight in a quick way. Also, it is a great source of calcium and fiber. While calcium is good for health, fiber will make you feel full for a longer period. So, include broccoli in your diet list and accelerate the weight loss process.

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