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1. Two-Tiered Fringe with Tousled Layers

These long, layered bangs appear weightless, thanks to balayage coloring and texturizing. The color added a two-tiered fringe that you can personalize to your liking.

Source: The Beauty Department via Instagram

2. Dark Underlayer Layered Blonde Cut

Layered hair can be achieved in two different ways: with the color and with the haircut itself. A blonde haircut with layers and a dark brown underlayer is a good idea for thicker hair, as it will remove the extra weight.

Source: kat_von_kat via Instagram

3. Long Shaggy Hair with Highlights

Long faces can be visually dragged down by long hair. This, however, does not apply to curly hair. Long layered haircuts can work on any face shape as they are universally flattering. The shaggy look is quite trendy now and highlights will add volume and texture for a fresh, bold look.

Source: johnnyramirez1 via Instagram

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