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11 Relatable Quotes for Women With a Resting Bitch Face

It happens to most of you: people always ask, “Hey, why the long face?” or, “Hey, what’s wrong?” You then roll your eyes before explaining your resting bitch face for the 70th time that day. Sometimes it pretty much gets on your nerves because you are feeling anything but unfriendly, but it does come in handy when you are too pissed to talk to people. At the end of the day, whether you like it or not – your face is here to stay. Here are some quotes that women can sometimes relate to themselves. 

1. “Did you have a bad day?”

Or, I have some headache remedies in my purse, do you need any? You could be just walking down the street on the way to work or home when you meet a friend and they ask this. You can be just displaying your default face but they perceive it as, ‘I’ve just lost my job and my partner all in one day.’ Come on, who even asks this kind of question in the early morning? Sometimes you really do spend the day like a regular person.
However, it is hard to make them understand.

2. “Why do you hate the world?”

Instead of hating the world, you simply wonder how to be awesome in all spheres of your life, that is, your mind is occupied, but not angry. Well, it may be true that the world is quite a messed up place, but that is the least of your concerns! You are more concerned about catching the bus on time to school/work and getting a cup of coffee from Starbucks on the way. Furthermore, you are too busy enjoying your life to care so much. Partying, dating, getting a new dress, or the break up gossips are the things you care about, instead of hating the world. 

3. “You never seem happy”

On the contrary, you do have your fair share of happy moments; the only problem is that they do not represent accurately on your faces. You are just like any other regular person; you do like flowers and children, and do get excited when receiving your paychecks. The thing that makes you different is that you do not expose your happiness like everyone else, otherwise people will ask reasons behind your happiness and you do not like to answer them.

4. “Are you OK?”

Yes you are. In fact, you could not be feeling much better. You’re often just thinking of a math problem or a deep philosophical question while staring into space, but pity people fail to see that and they think that you’re getting all messed up inside. It is very sweet that people are very concerned about your well-being, but their constant asking of the same question tires you out… and could potentially make you not OK.

5. “Smile more!”

In this fake world, everyone is supposed to have a smiling face and you try your best to apply this philosophy on yourself too. However, your face makes it an exception for you. It gets tiring when numerous people tell you the same thing and you try your best to play along with them – only to end up with a muscle cramp on your cheek at the end of the day.

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