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Photo 7-12: Fourth of July Crafts

When you choose from a variety of fourth of July decorations, consider decorating your walls. It is very easy and interesting, so you will not become tired of placing independence day decorations on your walls. Just look at your walls and notice if there is any spare space. When you find some, you can consider hanging a poster there.

Source: harps_and_crafts via Instagram, christasterken via Instagram, vero_soliz via Instagram

This type of wall décor is universal for all events, and this holiday is not an exception. Posters have many advantages: they are relatively cheap, it is quite easy to place a poster as well as to remove it, and it is possible to use the same poster for several years.

Source: familyandcraft via Instagram, cocinando27 via Instagram, houseofcreativedesigns via Instagram
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