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Gift Idea #1: A Bottle of Wine

Source: My Repurposed Life

A Bottle of Wine Gift Idea

Everyone loves a good glass of wine, and I’m sure your mom would appreciate whatever kind of wine you buy, but it would be nice to treat her to a bottle of fine wine. Find out her favorite brand and splurge on a bottle. Bonus points: offer to have a girls night in and bring over some snacks. Watch her favorite movie with her or ask her to tell you about her childhood and enjoy some quality time together, just the two of you.

Gift Idea #2: Spa Day

Source: Limonspa via Instagram

Spa Day Gift Idea

Moms do so much for everyone that they deserve a day off. Book a day at a luxurious spa so that she could be pampered for a day: facial, reflexology, massage, mani/pedi – the whole nine yards. Bonus points: book a spa day for 2 and join her for the day. Make a day of it and have a nice meal out afterwards.

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