By: | Updated: 05/08/2017

Nautical Manicure

Source: nailsbycambria via Instagram

If you’re going on holiday to the beach and want to embrace the theme, this nautical nail art is perfect. All you need for this look is nail polish in brilliant red, midnight blue, white polish, and a toothpick or striping brush. With a water-themed background and a colorful anchor on top, this look is fun for the summer days and nights on the beach!

Nail Art Tape

Source: Lucys Stash

Nail Tape Art is really in right now as all of the major retailers are carrying a wide variety of nail tapes. You will be astonished at the number of awesome patterns and effects you can achieve with nail tape. If you don’t have a steady hand and can’t draw a straight line, nail tape is a great way to perfect that tailored look you have wanted to achieve!

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