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1. Set the Mood

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Set The Mood

It’s one of the most obvious sex tips but, nevertheless, don’t let the romance die out in your relationship. Surprise your lover by setting the mood: wear sexy lingerie, light some candles, set a trail of rose petals leading to your bed, put on some romantic music. You can even write a romantic (or dirty) note to your significant other and place it on his dashboard or pack it in his lunch, telling him that you have a surprise planned for him (but don’t tell him what it is). There are dozens of ways to get your man in the mood for sex!

2. Play Sex Games

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Play Sex Games

Sex games can really liven things up in the bedroom. From simple games like dirty dice to board games, you can easily find fun and erotic sex games in adult shops or online to add some fun to your sex life.

3. Have an Afternoon Quickie

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Have an Afternoon Quickie

While you might really enjoy foreplay, sometimes a quickie can get the job done! And your partner will definitely find an afternoon quickie on your lunch break both erotic and exciting!

4. Talk Dirty

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Talk Dirty

Whether they will openly admit it or not, the majority of men (and women) love dirty talk. Speak freely and openly to your partner. Send him sexy emails and don’t underestimate the power of “sexting” as a way to turn on your partner! Let go of your inhibitions and let the dirty talk commence!

5. Tell Him What You Want/Like

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Tell Him What You Want/Like

As we are all different and do not have the ability to read minds, you may have to tell your partner what you like. Also, not everyone has the same amount of sexual experience or expertise. Be open with your partner about what you like and don’t like. You can experiment with different positions to mix it up a bit. Missionary style may be satisfying, but it gets boring after a while, so spice it up a bit and try different positions! Make them a part of your bucket list (the Kama Sutra is a great place to start).

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