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1. Bali, Indonesia

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16 Best Islands to Visit Around the World

Bali is one of the best vacation spots in the world. It is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is famous for its varied terrain of hills, mountains, sandy coastlines which slide into the turquoise sea water and tropical rainforests. Enjoy beachfront views in ocean resorts and rejuvenate your senses with a spa with ingredients taken from the sea. Or, simply sunbathe in the pristine golden-white beaches. You can also indulge in a bit of spirituality with the numerous meditation centers in the temples or go for a hike to the active volcano of Kintamani. Bali is paradise on Earth and you must visit it at least once in a lifetime.

2. Maldives

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16 Best Islands to Visit Around the World

Picture this: you are in a private villa in the middle of the Indian Ocean with thousands of marine creatures swimming underneath you in the clear sea and room service on demand. This is what a typical luxury resort in the Maldives will have in store for you, and only two things will make you want to leave this place. First, when you go for a dive in the sea for a closer look at marine life. Second, when you’re checking out, which you wouldn’t want to do in a long, long time.

3. The Big Island, Hawaii

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16 Best Islands to Visit Around the World

The Big Island is perfect for solo travel. It has everything that the smaller surrounding islands of the Hawaiian island chain can offer. It is home to lava deserts, rainforests, black and green colored sand beaches and numerous national parks. Plus, the most active volcano in the world is spewing lava at regular intervals. You can explore it all by staying in the Big Island.

4. St Martin – St Maarten, Caribbean Islands

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16 Best Islands to Visit Around the World

The perfect place to enjoy a laid-back holiday, enjoy the tranquil beaches and the sun setting on the island. The best about the place is that it is governed by both the Dutch and the French. Hence, you can enjoy the diversity in the culture, lifestyle and the food on offer. St Martin- St Maarten is becoming popular for its cuisine and nightlife on offer despite housing a laidback atmosphere during the day.

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