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This is a very kid friendly city that should be considered as the first priority if you have kids with you. So many colorful buildings, inspirational landscape, fairy tale castles, amusement park, etc. are the biggest attraction of this city. You will find out the national aquarium of Denmark ‘The blue planet’ here that is the largest one in the northern Europe. This aquarium will surely enthrall your kids by the walls of water and more than 20000 animals in it.

10 Best Family Vacations in Europe


If you and your kids are the history loving people, Rome is one of the best family vacations for you. This city is the sign of ancient history and move towards the Colosseum and Pantheon to experience that history. Kid friendly museum, several piazzas and many more attraction will provide you lifelong memories. There is a myth that Romulus and Remus are the two brothers, who were raised by a she wolf and a war god, have founded this beautiful city. It is for sure that there is something mystery and magical in Rome that attracts the travelers highly.

10 Best Family Vacations in Europe

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